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Helps cleansing, hydrating and supports reduced hair loss in 3 easy steps.

No Fuss. Just Fuller,

Thicker Hair

No Fuss. Just Fuller, Thicker Hair

Clinically Tested Formula

A quietly effective first step to thicker hair. In a 3rd-party clinical study 93% of the participants had a measured reduction in hair loss.

No Nasty Chemicals

Clinically-tested. Naturally effective. Free from nasties. But does it smell nice? Also yes.

Money-Back Guarantee

Shop confidently knowing that your purchase is protected by our Money-Back Guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Plant Based Ingredients

Let your follicles feast on something natural.

Bio-Harmonious Haircare

Experience haircare that works with your body’s natural processes, to help strengthen, repair and grow your hair.

Safe for Everyday Use

You’re busy enough without worrying about your hair.