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Using Bio-Veloxin® daily can pay off in just 45 days. Early results could include less shedding in the shower or even compliments from your hairdresser. Clinically tested increase in density can be seen as early as 120 days. (Time flies before you know it.) Continue to see progress when you make Bio-Veloxin® part of your long-term routine.









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My hair loss has been put on pause


I have been using the routine for about 7 months. It's an amazing feeling as like my hair loss has been put on pause. I see no hair loss in seven months. I am quite paranoid about my hair and I touch and feel my hair quite a few times in a day. And I must say they feel thicker and healthier than before the hair routine. And that is also something my hairdresser noticed. Even some new hair has started to grow, or should I say old hair.


Hair Growth Routine User

Hair shedding drastically diminished after day 65


After using the routine my hair shedding had dramatically diminished by day 65. I am now on day 70. I had to persever, and keep going as nothing changed until 65 days. I am now able with confidence to give the products a 5 Stars rating as it is working for me. I am extremely happy with the Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner. I had almost lost heart before using these products, now I shall continue on to my 120 days. The support system is good. I can truly recommend Nordic Biolabs products. I no longer feel self-conscious, nor unhappy, Instead I feel very positive now that my hair has stopped shedding and looks good and healthy. Thank you Nordic Biolabs.


Hair Growth Routine User

I have been really impressed with the results!


I have been using the Nordic Biolabs product for over a year now. I started to notice my hair was receding and began scouring the internet for help. Most of the items available contained chemicals, so when I came across Nordic Biolabs website and noticed that all their components were natural, I decided to give it a go. I have been really impressed with the results, my hair feeling much fuller and stronger. The shampoo makes my hair feel super clean and the conditioner adds softness. While the serum triggers a warm tingling on my scalp, aiding the hair-growth process. All in all, I can say I’m a happy customer. Nordic Biolabs is no wonder cure, but if used correctly over a consistent timespan, I am confident it will help with your hair growth journey.


Hair Growth Routine User

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